Sheep Chèvre


Traditionally made in France, Sheep Chèvre is a soft and creamy cheese that is made with pasteurized, 100% sheep’s milk. 

We offer 4 flavors of our Sheep Chèvre:
- Plain
- Roasted red pepper (pictured)
- Onion and chive
- Garlic and basil

How to use:
- Spread like cream cheese
- Paired with jam on toast
- On brownies or pound cake

Forever Feta

The cheese we all know and love. Pure sheep milk feta is a rarity in the United States but hopefully not for long thanks to our Forever Feta.

This cheese is made from the freshest sheep milk at the peak of milking season and aged in a brine for a minimum of 3 months to give it a mildly salty, tangy, and sweet flavor.

The pairing of pasteurized, 100% sheep's milk with our unique terroir gives this cheese a taste that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

How to use:
- Crumbled over salads and soups
- Tossed in with roasted vegetables, grains, and pastas

- Served with a plate of olives, peppers, olive oil, and fresh    




This halloumi style cheese is made with pasteurized, 100% sheep’s milk and is the traditional grilling cheese from Cyprus.


Uncooked, Tyri is similar to a cheese curd. Cooked, however, it has a savory flavor with a nice, creamy texture similar to mozzarella.


Cooked Tyri also takes in whatever spices or flavors you add to it. We recommend cooking your Tyri in garlic and butter for a creamy, garlic cheese that is to die for!


How to use:

- Mixed in with pasta dishes

- Pan fried or deep fried with your favorite spices 

- Grilled with veggies and enjoyed in a pita wrap