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  • Are there preservatives in the cheese?
    No. All of the ingredients in the cheese are what is needed to make cheese (cheese cultures, rennet, and salt) and everyday foods or herbs and spices (onion powder, roasted red peppers, and chives).
  • How often do you milk the sheep?
    The sheep get milked twice a day for around 6 months.
  • What do the sheep eat?
    The sheep eat grass most of the day. To make sure they are getting all necessary nutrients, we also feed them a grain mixture during milking. This extra grain is needed, because eating grass alone is not enough to keep lactating sheep at a healthy weight.
  • How many lambs does an ewe usually have?
    They typically average 2 lambs per ewe. The lambs stay with the moms for 30 days, and then they get weaned and moved to fresh pasture.

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